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Middlesex University WBL Video

CFBA Career Video

Qualify as a Dog Behaviourist Video

Qualify as a Dog Instructor Video

Fitting and using a Gencon Collar

Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food

Natural Instinct Raw Cat Food

CIDBT 4005 Video

CIDBT 4005

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CIDBT 5003

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CFBA Career Video


Career Video

CIDBT Middlesex University WBL Video

Middlesex University WBL Video

Seminar Dog Law…Unleashed

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The Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training is Britain's organisation to film it's workshops of this type for education and viewing on line, offering future and present candidates and insight into real life canine behaviour and training workshops. Some new candidates are a little apprehensive about what is expected of them at a workshop in live situations. We use real dogs exhibiting problem behaviours - and or - breed types and sizes they may have not handled before by candidates CIDBT 4005. These films have motivated new people to join the CIDBT module knowing they can achieve the high standards we impart through canine education from the accredited modules by Kennel Club.

These Dog Training module example our candidates skills and the CIDBT tutors high standards of management and teaching protocol. The Dog Behaviour module (modules) CIDBT 5003 is exampled above live and demonstrates how candidates engage and enjoy the thrill of learning from Britain's top professionals.

Theory does not replace practical application skills and in the dog behaviour module - film of dogs exhibiting critical behaviour problems like aggression are unsurpassed in Britain today. The CIDBT leads Britain in higher level education. Select a film from below or the right hand column for an insight.

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