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Sue is a full time Canine Behaviour Practitioner and Trainer. She is a partner in the Cheshire Canine Centre where she is involved in all aspects of pet dog training from puppy classes to severe behaviour problems She has a wealth of experience and proven track record in successfully treating dog behaviour problems. Her expertise is utilised by many professional bodies including the RSPCA and Police forces.

Sue is a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and is a Master trainer of the Guild of Dog Trainers which she is proud to be Chairwoman of.

Sue is team director of the ‘Cheshire Dog Display Team’ in this role she is responsible for the training of team members and their dogs. The display demonstrates a range of exercises including agility, obedience and police style protection work. The team performs at approximately 20 large events to audiences of thousands throughout the UK each year and is widely regarded as the leading dog display of its kind in the UK. Sue participates in the demonstrations with dogs of her own.

Sue also directs and works dogs as part of the ‘Shadowquest Working Dog display’ which demonstrates the training and working of police and other professional general purpose and specialist search dogs.

Ten years ago Sue established the successful ‘Shadowquest’ working GSD and Malinois breeding programme. Through careful selective breeding she has created a superb proven line of successful working dogs both as Police dogs and in civilian Working Trials.

Sue is a regular contributor to the DOGS MONTHLY magazine where she is utilised as their expert on puppies and breeding. She has also contributed to the OUR DOGS newspaper and Pet Dog magazine.

Sues passion is training and rehabilitation through understanding and communication. A highly skilled trainer Sue, with her in depth knowledge in Operant conditioning techniques demonstrates its practical application by her success in training many species including pigs, llamas. Reindeer, Raccoon as well as dogs. Dogs and animals Sue has trained regularly appear and can be seen in the media worldwide.

Sue tutors the following modules

CIDBT 4103 Understanding Canine Aggression

CIDBT 4110 Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour

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