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The whole experience of the weekend was amazing. The atmosphere was relaxed and both Ross and Vicky were extremely friendly and welcoming. I have been on other similar courses with different organisations where you are given exactly what you need to get through the course – and nothing else, with the course providers playing their cards very close to their chests! This was not the case with Ross and Vicky, they were both incredibly knowledgeable and were only too happy to share their experiences and expertise with us all, making the weekend an incredible experience – not to mention the friendly and extremely amusing banter that went on throughout the day. The whole weekend was invaluable; the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly and was not in any way opinionated or promoting only their views and beliefs.

Julie Edsall

I can only congratulate all the people involved in the workshop, everything was well planed and organized. The tutors’ knowledge and skills are awesome and their didactic are impeccable. I have nothing less than a massive thank you to Ross McCarthy, Lez Graham, Vicky and everyone involved. A special thanks to all the dogs, they were the ‘heroes the day, patiently waiting and helping us to learn the secrets they already know so well. Love them all and I had the most wonderful time ever. Thank you guys!!!

Aurea Abrantes

I really enjoyed the day and felt that it was very well organised and had a great atmosphere with all concerned friendly and approachable. The dog handling experience was very valuable and really good practice for the future. Many thanks.

Vicky Turnbull

I didn't quite know what to expect from the day as I have not done anything like this before, but found the whole experience great. The day was structured very well and it was so interesting. The fact that it was such a variety of different tasks kept my mind focused the whole day (even though it was freezing outside). The tutors were both great, they have a great teaching relationship and I felt totally at ease with them (something that I was worried about as I was so nervous beforehand). They made it a really special day and I have gained confidence to carry on to my next course.

Suzanne Webster

Although this was a basic handling course, I found the course to be much more informative and advanced than expected and I felt that I definitely got what I paid for. I found the tutor support to be excellent and work was always marked and handed back promptly with lots of feedback. In regards to the workshop, I really liked the fact that there was so much hands on work with the dogs, and despite the large number of students on the course instructions were clear and easy to follow, even with all the noise from the other animals at the kennel club building!

Rachel Rule

It was great to meet and talk to the tutors, which gave some great tips and helped with all questions. Also it was very good to have different dog breeds – especially as I do not have a great deal of experience with small dogs – and different dog characters (I am still impressed by Fizz’s attitude! ). With the support of the tutors it was easier to overcome issues like what to do if a dog is not particularly motivated by food – and how to handle and motivate dogs which may have difficulties focusing (Angus is such a cutie, but it’s a real challenge to get his focus off you!). Last but not least, it was great to exchange some knowledge and experiences with other students and get the feedback not only from the tutors, but from the participants – and also to get the opportunity to observe and discuss training situations. All in all, a great day, definitely value for money!

Pia Offord

Exercising negative/positive reinforcement in the right balance is something I haven’t been as good at as I thought prior to the workshop and “charging” is something I will be working on following this – going back to basics for key behaviours I want to achieve in both of my dogs, then proving in different situations as this has been a problem in the past (perfect recall in training classes vs poor recall outside). Working with other dogs has been useful to see how an obedience trained dog can/should behave, understanding motivation and adapting style/techniques to suit the individual dog. More hands-on time would have been even better for me, to test myself and get feedback from observers on what I did well/not as well – I really valued the practical activities with the tutors’ dogs. Aside from this, one thing I really liked was the pass the parcel activity to give an insight into how positive reinforcement/charging boosts motivation.

Laura Robinson

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day so, thank you! All three tutors were great, really good fun and very approachable and I’m a very happy to have met so many great like-minded people! In relation to content, I thought that the explications of the science of learning, (neural pathways), repetition, charging and proofing were very clear and free of scientific jargon although I do have to say that personally, for some strange reason, I actually understand the scientific jargon better than I do the layman’s terms at times. I have given a 2 overleaf for the question “Was the course content at the level that you were expecting” because overall, I felt that the content was really a very solid recap of what was learnt during Phases 1 and 2 and I did think we would touch on new subjects and work with the dogs a little more, but in all honesty, this was my first workshop and so I didn’t really know what to expect and I am in no way disappointed! Thank you again, for such a great experience, I left at the end of the day feeling excited for things to come and motivated to continue learning!

Eilidh Rouxel-Fabre

Would just like to say how much I enjoyed doing this course (both coursework and practical workshop). It was hard at first getting to grip with the different views of behaviourists and trainers, learning techniques etc but I felt much happier at the end of the course and feel I have really learned some useful info. It is an excellent course for learning the basic dog training skills and definitely value for money. Highly recommended. Thanks again for all your support!

Kathryn McRobb

I particularly enjoyed the wide range of topics covered – not just practical but academic too. Tutor support from Lez has been excellent – especially in view of my delayed start, very much appreciated. Having both Ross and Lez is a good strategy as we are able to see different methods used. Dog handling experience was so well put together – the dogs are fantastic, and gave me a chance to work with a large dog. I feel like I got so much out of 7 hours! It has whetted my appetite to learn more. As you covered so many topics I can already begin to see where my initial interest might lie. Many thanks

Kelly Stephens

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I don’t have any dogs at present so the practical sessions were essential for me due to my lack of experience working with dogs. Ross and Lez were both very engaging and entertaining making the whole experience enjoyable. Their knowledge in training and behaviour of dogs is first class and that was demonstrated throughout the day.

Tanya Walls

It was more the tutors rather than the course content that had an effect on me. Obviously it is a basic level course so I didn't feel challenged in any way but the Tutors really inspired me in many ways, including the clarity with which they handle their dogs and the level to which they were trained - I have come across experienced trainers with a more negative negative view, struggling to see ways in which things can be changed, it was very moving that the tutors didn't share that pessimism. I gained a lot of self belief and confidence from this course and came away enlightened and ready to take of the world with regards to making a difference and continuing with striving to make a difference. I should also mention that the back and forth between the tutors made for enjoyable entertainment!

Hannah Greenow

It was great to be able to meet the tutors and the other people taking the same class. The combination of theory and practice was excellent. The tutors made the day really enjoyable thanks to their professionalism, support and positive attitude. Working with so many different dogs was fascinating and very new for me.

Tiffany Bosshard

I have been pleased that i have enrolled on the course and once I have passed will now look at enrolling on the next course and it has given me the confidence to do so and is was great to meet the tutors and also see their passion and knowledge that they have in their field and overall the general atmosphere on the day was relaxed and calm which was generated from the tutors.

Jason Hall

Lez and Ross were absolutely fantastic – Lez has been a great support – very kind and understanding and helpful and was just as lovely in person as she has been over email. The two of them have a wonderful dynamic together and created a very warm, friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere (my favourite kind) on the workshop. I feel as though we could have spent a little more time actually working with the dogs but I guess we did cover all the basic techniques (we could have perhaps spent a little time on loose lead walking…?) Thanks so much!! Looking forward to the next one! :)

Shannon Weinburg

The knowledge of the subject matter by all the tutors was exceptional and this was communicated to the group in a proactive and thought out manner. The classroom layout promoted learning and allows the students to interact with the tutors and fellow students, even the tutor’s uniform promoted a professional organisation. Highlight for me was being able to handle a dog breed that has presented me with problems in the past. This was picked up on straight away by Les and she coached me through it in the first handling session, giving me the confidence I needed in the dog and give the dog confidence in me.

Jason Johnston

I would like to thank Ross McCarthy for his prompt reply to all my emails, and support throughout the course. This has been my first course that I have done for several years and I started the course with some uncertainty of what to expect of me but thanks to Ross I have found it very enjoyable all the information very relevant to the practical side of the dog training. The course has definitely increased my ability to train dogs and has given me great confidence. I would recommend this Module to anyone looking to do a general dog training course. I have aspirations to do several more training courses with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training. I hope and look forward to working with Ross McCarthy on the coming Modules.

Rob Jessup

I really enjoyed attending and participating in this workshop, it was very well presented and tutored, the environment was warm, friendly and relaxed and a very good summing up and conclusion to the previous 2 phases of this module. The module in its entirety was very useful, the application of which has changed both mine and my dog’s attitudes to a very large degree-we have miles to go-but many of my neighbours have commented on the change they have seen in my two rowdy bull terriers since I started the course which was my main objective! Many thanks

Tracy Brown

The day was very informal and I felt that this enabled a relaxed tutor/student environment. I felt very comfortable asking for further help which was given in a very positive way. I am new to this method of teaching as I come from a more scientific background with mainly classroom teaching. I feel that having this day early in the course was very useful for me as I had face to face contact with the tutors and was able to understand what is required of me. I do realise that it should have been at the end of the module but this is just an observation that may be helpful. Please can I thank all of the staff for being so understanding and helpful. The day was well worth attending and defiantly good value for money. The food was excellent – Thank you.

Sheila Bedford

It was a great day, handling different dogs was a great experience. Especially as when you were trying to handle a dog you did not know, I found that I was not taking in the instructions from the instructor as I was concentrating on the dog. This must be what it is like for someone coming to class especially for the first time because they do not want their dog to “show them up” so all their concentration is on the dog and not you. I could of spent the day just talking about the different methods used by different trainers to train different basic exercises, if you want to set this up I will be there. The excellent tutor support throughout the course and at the workshop which was delivered by professionals that were happy to pass on their experiences and made you feel confident and up to the tasks set. Thinking of what course I can do next with CIDBT.

Paula Foakes

Lez and Ross were great teachers and I felt I took in everything. I got a lot of support from Ross during my course. I think the course is great valve for money.

Rebecca Mackie

Les and Ross were great teachers and I felt I took in everything. I got a lot of support from Ross during my course. I think the course is great valve for money.

James Reavil

I found the course very interesting and informative and thought it was an excellent idea for the tutors to use their own dogs, showing how well trained they all were and enabling us to experience a variety of breeds, ages and temperaments. The tutors were friendly and helpful, always willing to answer any questions and quick to give encouragement during the practical work.

Joanna Dieghan

Both my tutors, Ross and Lez have been extremely encouraging and supportive throughout the courses. You learn a lot from both of them at the practical sessions, with lots of useful tips that I will use in my dog training classes in the future.

Tracey Praal

I really enjoyed the day and learned a lot. I thought the tutors were great and kept the day interesting and injected the right amount of humour to add to the enjoyment. The huge variety of dogs which were used in the practical training sessions and their various levels of ability were very valuable and more realistic for the classes we will be teaching in the future. I thought the course was good value for money and all my work was marked and returned quickly. I would be happy to recommend this course to anyone with an interest in working with dogs.

Vicki Turnbull

I really enjoyed this course, I found it provided me with the information I need to continue my work with dogs. I have always wanting to run a training school and this has inspired me to follow this through. I felt the workshop just answered any other questions I had and my tutor, Lez Graham, was extremely helpful and patient with me. What I also like was the fact we were able to handle different breeds of dog. Working in rescue I do handle a lot of dogs, but it is usually the same breeds, (Border Collies, Jack Russels and Staffordshire Bull Terriers), so it was great to be handling a Great Dane!

Frankie Jarvis

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was really nice to put into practice all what we had been learning throughout the course. The building where it was held was great for the workshop with great facilities; it was great value for money and had good spaces for practical lessons too. Most importantly the tutors were great. Both Ross McCarthy and Lez Graham covered everything in great detail and were there to answer any questions we had, they were very helpful and both made it a fun and enjoyable experience. The dogs were amazing, they were all perfectly trained and a joy to work with. All in all it was a great experience that I really benefited and it tied in perfectly with the theory part of the course.. I feel empowered now after attending the workshop to learn as much as I can from the CIDBT to be able to gain the knowledge I need to have my career in working with dogs. I would like to thank the tutors for such a great experience; I can’t wait to attend the next one!

Lauren Culbert

Tutors were very relaxed and friendly which made the day fun. I enjoyed handling Rolo as I’d never worked with a Rottie before. For me the most beneficial thing this study is giving me is confidence (and knowledge) – having worked in this field for less than 2 years and without input or coaching from experienced dog professionals, I feel like a novice – I get wonderful feedback from my clients but they don’t know any better! Having attained approved instructor status with the APDT it’s interesting to compare. As I recall the study was far less in depth than the CIDBT but I felt the practical element was much harder as I was assessed teaching a whole class (of dogs I’d not met, with varying abilities) for an hour!

Annie Davis

I initially did the course out of interest and a hobby but after doing the practical day and having a go at teaching, it has made me want to try running a class in my local area as I really enjoyed it. All of the instructors made me feel very relaxed, especially when it came to us having to teach, and I came away with 100% more confidence than what I went with. It was great getting to mix with different people from all areas and hearing their experiences too. Thank you very much for a great day, cant wait to do the next module now.

Sam Myers

The weekend for me was faultless, the constant learning and interaction with the group as a whole was nothing but pleasurable, a little daunting at first but an obstacle the tutors helped all students overcome. Last but not least the dogs were fantastic and great mentors themselves.

Alex Bell

The relaxed environment I found put me at ease and aided my learning. I enjoyed the fun and very amusing relationship between Ross and Lez. I laughed a lot and realise that probably has a lot to do with me retaining all the information in the same way that dogs learn through positive experiences! I thought the day was cleverly thought out and I benefited fully from the experienced tutors.

Hannah Greenow

The workshop was great, I enjoyed meeting the rest of the class, but it was reassuring how well the tutors knew their stuff. When I started training I relied on staff with professional dog training backgrounds but once I wanted to learn more it became difficult, certain organisations wanted me to sign contracts that I wouldn’t do various things before I even knew what they were(that didn’t seem right to me), others said there is only one way, our way and it is right, but I already knew there were many ways to get things done. I wanted a course that gave me all the tools and let me choose the best method for me and the people and dogs I was instructing. I also wanted a validated course at a higher level than most could offer. I found that with CIDBT, down to earth tutors who can teach, know and understand dogs, and who I feel confident about (there are very few I can say that about. They make sense of a very confused situation at large (dog training at the moment). I know I’ll do more of the CIDBT courses.

Jackie Frazer

I thought the course was very informal and friendly, and had a good mix of people all at different levels in terms of knowledge and experience I thought the observation sheets used when candidates were watching others train were a bit confusing, and wondered why they were used as there was no chance to give feedback from these. All in all, I really enjoyed the course, and wouldn’t hesitate to enrol on another should the opportunity arise.

Marianne Hatwell

The day was very successful, all the students learnt a lot with the help of the tutors, who were all very supportive and encouraged us all to ask questions and take part throughout all aspects of the day.

Steve Denning

The Certification in Canine Professional Instruction has helped immeasurably on every level with my personal development and has been the best value for money, transforming for the better my relationship with all dogs and my interactions and relationships with other people. I believe that my handling skills (especially with other peoples’ and kennel dogs) has improved immensely and the recent one-to-ones that I have conducted and my clients’ responses bear testament to my new found skills. I’m no longer one dimensional in my approach as I look forward to improving the welfare of all the dogs I meet as well as the daily lives of any future clients.

Jake Clarke

Thank you so much for the day, everyone was very approachable and the informal style and sharing of knowledge/experience was well done. I partially enjoyed the discussions about equipment and the physical affects it can have - plenty of food for thought. Many thanks.

Katherine Tyson

Huge thanks to the tutors – Lez, Ross and Vicky – who gave so much in support around any issues or questions we needed help on. You were extremely approachable, encouraging and supportive. Thanks also for providing your dogs to work with and advising us on working with them. I was really pleased with the personal tutor support.

Marion Macdonald

It was nice to see other people teach and realise that not everyone gets it right all the time. It was also nice to meet people who have the same interest as yourself and realise that everyone is not confident but some people have a lot of confidence, believe in themselves and do a lot better. It made me realise that I need to have a bit more faith in myself and that I could be a lot better with more planning. I felt the support the tutors gave was excellent, always focusing on the positive and were very encouraging and made you feel at ease. Overall I really enjoyed the day, which I was dreading and will look forward to any other workshop I come on. Thank you.

Liz Nicholson

All the tutors were very friendly and made me feel very welcome and relaxed, despite me feeling very apprehensive as this was my first workshop and I was unsure what to expect. The whole day was fun, there was a good balance of content, practical demonstrations, hands on activities and plenty of tea and cake!

I thought the idea of bringing your own dog was a good one and although I did not bring mine on this occasion I would do in future as I thought it was good that a large number of people at a time were able to handle dogs. It was also good from an observational point of view to see the different methods people used to train and handle their dogs. A very good workshop and I look forward to the next one!

Sarah Ceriati

I thoroughly enjoyed the day. One minute it had just started and the next minute it was time to go home – the time went very quickly, which for me was a good thing and meant the course was interesting.

Juliette Arnold

I would like to thank Ross for his patience and help with the written work that I had to submit. Because of his lovely manner, he made me want to learn more. I would also like to say how I so very much enjoyed the reading materials. Once again I would like to reiterate how much I enjoyed the company of the tutors and the others on this course. Many thanks.

Yvonne Tye

I found the course to be relaxed and friendly and it was great to meet, and share opinions with, other people on the course. I found the tutors to be friendly, helpful and what they had to say was interesting and informative. The venue was really nice and it was great that the conference centre and accommodation were both in the same place.

Jo Dieghan

A very well put together and delivered course, the tutors experience and interpersonal skills created a very positive learning environment. Course paperwork very informative and supported the delivery of knowledge and learning.

David McIver

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days especially the live consult, although I did find it a bit intimidating knowing there was people there with more experience than me, as they did try and take over, but managed to find others to help me put my point across. I had a great time.

Jen Self

The course as it was by far the best and most informative I have attended to date. Both Ross and Vicky really worked well and put everyone at ease. Really enjoyed the whole weekend, thank you.

Vanessa Westland

An interesting week end with lots of food for thought. I am really pleased that I have done this and looking forward to the dog on person weekend in a months’ time despite the long journey.

Dr Carol Hayes

Ross is a credit to the CIDBT always professional and cool. He brings the class back on line when they digress from the subject and he handles idiot questions and answers with smooth professionalism. He is always there whenever I have needed support or advice. I would like to thank everyone concerned for a great weekend.

Gaynor Probert

I found that both tutors to be hugely knowledgeable, engaging and inspirational.

Lotte Stringer

The tutor and assistant on the course couldn’t have been more helpful, so much in that even though on both days of the course it finished late both were prepared to stay back and help and give advice. Great value for money.

Stuart Davidson

I enjoyed the contact with people involved in the industry representing a really diverse reach. As a teacher I was impressed with the pitch and pace of the day and the student involvement. It was very well balanced. Ross has an innate understanding of what makes good pedagogy and how to deliver it. Good teaching cannot be taught! Ross used humour to maintain interest and was excellent at listening to and clarifying the quite confused explanations that were sometimes given. He ensured that all students who wished to speak felt encouraged and valued. Vicky and Ross make a fabulous team and complimented each other very well.

Tristan Hughes

Ross and Vicky were extremely approachable, knowledgeable and helpful as always. Clearly very caring professionals.

Pen Sensky

Really enjoyed the course and I think Ross is a fantastic teacher and made the course full of information and taught us in a really fun way also. He never made anyone feel silly with their answers and always was ready to help with great advice. Meeting real life clients was also a great way to learn! Also really appreciate Ross sending out his real case details for us to read through to help us understand even more. Would love to do another practical course 10 out of 10!

Joanna Forth

To meet the course instructors and team was just brilliant, and all of the fantastic, well behaved, dogs of the day, they all really made the day feel fun, exciting and enjoyable, At first I had lots of nerves of how the day was going to go, but then after the initial meet I felt relaxed, and eager to learn from highly experienced people, I liked how Ross and Lez talked about they’re differences or similarities in dog training, and that as long as the right approach to training is in place; it can be moulded slightly to suit the trainer/handler. Some books I have read in the past almost demand that training should be a certain way and no different! Clearly not true! I found the discussion on session planning and management a little short, but to get outside and Instruct, Observe, and Handle with the dogs was much more preferable! A Truly great day and I look forward to booking my next course! Many Thanks.

Will Sharpe

I enjoyed meeting the other participants and hearing about their dog experiences and aspirations. It was also good to see how the dogs interacted together when they were let loose in the paddock and understand why they were behaving in the ways that they did. Lez and Ross work well together as facilitators, with complimentary styles of working. All tutors work impressively with their own dogs and are able to confidently and knowledgeably answer any questions that participants put to them about dog behaviour, dog handling and current legislation around dogs.

Angela Hughes

After being on other courses I was very apprehensive about how and what I was expecting, however all my worries were surpassed with how well planned, professionally run, informative and enjoyable I found the course to be. I met people who were very like minded in regards of wanting to succeed at a high standard and seemed as impressed as I was with the overall experience. I was very nervous at the beginning of the day not knowing what to expect this feeling quickly left me as the tutors made you feel extremely welcome and were professional but relaxed. The demonstrations were very well planned and enjoyable to watch the added humour got the point of the exercise across. The lunch and breaks were very well timed and the choice of refreshments was very good. Overall I was extremely pleased with both the teaching and participation aspects of the course and once I have finished my module will be looking at which course to take next.

Melissa Harrop

The workshop has been a very beneficial experience and has provided me with an insight into ways that I can implement changes in my own situation. The tutors were all very helpful and provided a range of knowledge from different backgrounds. It was very useful that we were able to practise the taught skills with the tutors present to advise of where our technique can be improved. I was unable to take my own dog for personal reasons but had I been able to, I think this would have been much more beneficial. Although all the dogs provided were friendly and very obedient, I think I would have felt more relaxed and at ease. The course/workshop has definitely been value for money and I would recommend this course to anyone like me, who needs the basic knowledge and confidence when handling their own dogs.

Emma-Jade Livingstone

All in all, the course day was perfect; I enjoyed myself very much, especially while discussing different approaches and theories with my peers and tutors. It was great to see different point of views – also amongst the tutors on how to teach individual exercises and what experiences everyone had applying certain training methods. I could pick up many valuable points from the tutors (which btw seemed to have a never ending pool of knowledge and experience) about dealing with difficult clients and how important rapport and clear communication is. Another very important and good point was the overview of the different training equipment and especially the use and correct application of it. As mentioned, all in all a fun day that made me more confident in applying my theoretical skills in a practical environment.

Pia Offord

I thought the whole experience was a good one. From the friendly banter and the relaxed atmosphere to the practical element of dog handling outside I was very impressed. When asked some direct questions Ross and Less were informative and not opinionated which I found helpful. Even to the point where Ross gave me some added information to help me with a point that had been bothering me for some time. You seem to have the right balance there so keep doing what you are doing, for me it works. Thank you.

Gary Mulvaney

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