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Sara has over 36 years experience in animal rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. For the past 15 years Sara has been the manager of an independent canine welfare home.

Annually Sara assesses over 1000 dogs on behalf of the Chilterns Dog Rescue Society, at the rescue centre and at dog pounds to ensure the greatest number of dogs possible are given the chance of a new and happier life.

Dog rescue, dog training and behaviour are not words that most people would normally expect to see in the same sentence. However, Sara ensures that her staff are aware that behaviour and training are an integral part of the care and development of all dogs during their stay at the rescue centre, in order to achieve a happy outcome for all the dogs in their care.

Sara particularly enjoys working with and training dogs with severe behavioural problems and rehabilitating and re-homing the dogs that might not otherwise get a second chance.

As a qualified teacher, Master Trainer with Guild of Dog Trainers and Member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, Sara also enjoys working with owners to avoid the need for their dogs to come into rescue and training with prospective adopters to ensure successful long term partnerships.

Sara tutors the following module

CIDBT 4115 The Rescue Dog Mind, Behaviour & Care

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Sara Muncke

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Sara Muncke  B.Ed (Hons) MCFBA MGoDT (MT)