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"Ross holds a Masters Degree (Professional Practice)  in Canine Behaviour & Psychology. He has been working full-time with dogs for over fourteen years. He runs the London Dog Behaviour Company which was established in 1999. He is a full member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain. He is a master trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

Currently working throughout Central London, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. He offers behavioural consultations and specialises in obedience training with behaviour case dogs particularly those that display aggression; he combines his extensive behavioural knowledge with obedience training and management for real life situations.

In addition to his full-time practice, Ross also finds time to contribute to a number of British Pet magazines and Newspapers including 'Your Dog' and the 'Our Dogs Annual' and he is a feature writer for 'Dogs Monthly' magazine often examining complex human/canine relationships.

Ross is also involved with Social Services Family Placement teams as a Canine Temperament Assessor & Advisor. He also regularly works as an expert witness in legal cases under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and the Dogs Act 1871.

He is a founder of the Dog Safety Education Executive which deliver practical training programmes for people in the public and private sectors.

Sharing his home with ten dogs, he also competes with his Rottweilers' in the working trials disciplines (civilian police dogs)."

Ross Tutors the following modules

CIDBT 4004 Basic Dog Handling & Training Skills

CIDBT 4005 Professional Instructor Skills & Management

CIDBT 4102 Common Canine Behaviour Problems

CIDBT 4004P Basic Dog Handling & Training Skills

CIDBT 4005P Professional Instructor Skills & Management

CIDBT 5002P Dog on Dog Aggression

CIDBT 5003P Dog on Person Aggression

CIDBT 5005P Advanced Professional Instructor Skills

CIDBT 5001 Common Canine Behaviour Problems Adv'

CIDBT 5002 Dog on Dog Aggression

CIDBT 5003 Dog on Person Aggression

CIDBT 5005 Advanced Professional Instructor Skills

PBC 410 The Pet Dog's Mind: Essential Knowledge

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Ross McCarthy

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Ross McCarthy