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Comments from our student’s on this module

On starting this module I felt there was a danger that it could all be about the Dangerous Dogs Act and aggressive dogs owned by irresponsible people. The balance however was perfect, enough was covered to install the seriousness of it without the over kill.

The film footage for me really brought this module to life; I consider this module to be fairly academic especially if you work with dogs which is largely a practical job. There is a danger that a large percentage of student could be turned away by the academics, however I felt the film kept me intrigued and interested.

Before watching this DVD Dog Law A case study I think I probably underestimated how common it was for people to be defensive about their dogs and also in denial of their dog’s actions, pointing blame at other people or reasons why dogs behaved in such a way, when ultimately we are responsible for our dog’s actions. The interview by the practitioner also drew out what laws the owners were in breach of and would have prepared the owners for questions asked in court, what come across from the clip is the realisation for the owners of how serious the issue was and the possible consequences. The offences committed and its relevance to both Practitioner and dog owner was seen from both side during the film.

If every Training School spent even a small part of a puppy foundation course on dog law owners would have an understanding of law to stay within legislation throughout the dog’s life, keeping both dog and owner safe.

I have enjoyed this module and learnt lots of information about Dog Law, it seems to be very specific and a niche in law that only few legal experts specialise in. I would certainly consider studying the Advance Dogs and the Law module with CIBDT in the future.

T Hammond