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Comments from our student’s on this module

This is a high value course offered at a good price. It is packed full of information giving you the opportunity to look further into things via the Internet. I think that you will get so much out of this if you are prepared to put the work in. Ross and Vicky are lovely. Both are very friendly, calm and SO funny!. They might be two of the best in their profession but they have no ego what so ever and treated everyone at the workshop equally and with respect. Vicky was my tutor for this course and was always there with email support and she always replied very quickly. Phone support was available too if I needed it.

I didn’t bring a dog of my own so I worked with some of Ross’s and Vicky’s dogs, Neo, Fihz, Dotty and Billy. All of them were lovely. It was also good to see how both Vicky and Ross train and how their dogs respond in person. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is already working as a trainer, training instructor or assistant trainer and want to gain formal qualifications or anyone wanting to become a dog training instructor.

Sandra Grice

Ross and Vicky were very informative and entertaining. They also understood how we all felt about teaching our peers and were very helpful and understanding. It has given me confidence that I am on the right road.

Wendy Fox

I cannot thank Vicky and Ross enough. Absolutely brilliant. Could not recommend them enough.

Jo Langley

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. There have been things that I’ve learnt or not put together on my own from reading the books and watching the DVDs. It’s been encouraging to know that the methods that we use and thoughts that we have on behaviour and training are shared by others.

Sarah Clifford

It was a really enjoyable day, it was both informative and fun filled from the beginning to the end. It helped to bring together the distance learning with the practical. I had my youngest dog on this course, who can be reactive, I felt supported and encouraged with her, and towards the end of the day, she was much more relaxed and dare I say even starting to enjoy her experience.

Nothing was to much for either Ross or Vicky, anything that was asked, (even if you felt silly asking it) was answered and explained. Overall I came away feeling I had achieved a huge amount, I even got through a 5 minute teaching session of my peers and survived.

It brought everything together, and to be honest I would have quite happily done another day.

Amanda Ellis

The website details and explains the course well. My tutor sent a friendly introductory email with what attachments I should have, what I needed to know, contact details and an expected response time for any queries that I might have had. The course makes good use of learning materials e.g. dvd’s and books that I now have to hand for reference which I am sure I will return to many times.

Having been on a previous workshop (Basic Dog Handling and Training Skills in September 2015), I really enjoyed this element of the day and still do. I also liked the role play send up that you both did of instructor/client… very funny! Past experiences for you both in the extreme?

Thank you again Ross and Vicky (and anyone else “behind the scenes”) for all the hard work you put in to ensure that the workshops are the success they are. You both have such a good rapport with each other. You both clearly demonstrate having respect for the industry and a genuine interest in educating and building confidence in your students.

Jude Hill

Thoroughly Thought the two instructors were very knowledgeable and kept the workshop flowing at the appropriate speed for all attendees and made the whole day good fun but educational.

Keith Hilton

The dogs of course, were the stars of the day and just watching them interacting with the tutors, students and each other was worth the cost of the workshop.

Jane England

The motivational skills of both Ross McCarthy and Lez Graham had a great impact on me as an individual. It can be seen how this reflects on their own dogs, the attitude they have toward people and training made the day a pleasure

I became aware very quickly of the skills required to speak publicly with the aim of confidently demonstrating a particular exercise when teaching, the advice I received from Ross Mc Carthy, Lez Graham and Vicky Lawes will definitely help in the future this is not an easy task in practice. The weekend for me was faultless, the constant learning and interaction with the group as a whole was nothing but pleasurable, a little daunting at first but an obstacle the tutors helped all students overcome.

Last but not least the dogs were fantastic and great mentors themselves.

Alex Bell

The relaxed environment I found put me at ease and aided my learning. I enjoyed the fun and very amusing relationship between Ross and Lez. I laughed a lot and realise that probably has a lot to do with me retaining all the information in the same way that dogs learn through positive experiences! I thought the day was cleverly thought out and I benefited fully from the experienced tutors.

Hannah Greenow

The workshop was great, I enjoyed meeting the rest of the class, but it was reassuring how well the tutors knew their stuff.  

When I started training I relied on staff with professional dog training backgrounds but once I wanted to learn more it became difficult, certain organisations wanted me to sign contracts that I wouldn’t do various things before I even knew what they were (that didn’t seem right to me), others said there is only one way, our way and it is right, but I already knew there were many ways to get things done.  I wanted a course that gave me all the tools and let me choose the best method for me and the people and dogs I was instructing.  I also wanted a validated course at a higher level than most could offer.  I found that with CIDBT, down to earth tutors who can teach, know and understand dogs, and who I feel confident about (there are very few I can say that about.  They make sense of a very confused situation at large (dog training at the moment).

I know I’ll do more of the CIDBT courses.

Jackie Fraser

The day was very successful, all the students learnt a lot with the help of the tutors, who were all very supportive and encouraged us all to ask questions and take part throughout all aspects of the day.

Steve Denning

I found the tutors very encouraging & helpful. The fact that they were more than happy to advise on problems & share ideas was so good to see. Having done several visits whilst on the course & learning my trade, it surprised me to see how many instructors get very protective over their ideas that work the best. Having true professionals sharing their methods was not only helpful but a privilege.

The atmosphere that the tutors created had even the most nervous and shy of the group willingly participating in group discussions. Having been very nervous prior to the work shop I must say that the encouraging atmosphere has left me looking forward to the next one.

There were so many tips & ideas to help us to become better at our trade. We looked at things from different perspectives and took into account differing abilities & learning speeds which makes you think things through more thoroughly long after the day.

Many of the useful tips and new ideas have given me lots of new tools to use with the dogs and owners especially the rescue dogs and those that find it more difficult to learn. Also I came out from the day positively brimming with confidence that has definitely transferred to my teaching. As well as this, taking one of my dogs on the day made me feel very nervous, I chose to take my young rescue Rottweiler as I felt the experience would be good for her. I worried that if she made mistakes that I would be judged poorly. I need not have worried. The experience of taking her was actually good for both of us.

Although I’m sure she must have read my nerves they soon faded thanks to the lovely relaxed & encouraging atmosphere that was so positively encouraged on the day by the fantastic tutors. I do however feel that having my own dog there actually made the practical parts of the day easier for me.

I have learned at many points on this course & especially on the day that the more we learn the more we realise we still have to learn from every case we deal with and that every trainer has new ideas & interpretations for us to learn from. Whether they are positive & useful or negative & to be avoided they are all part of the learning process. I came out of the day feeling like a sponge for knowledge. Eager to absorb more knowledge & looking forward to choosing and working on the next module adamant that the next module that I tackle will also have a workshop.

Although I have had to work & save hard to afford this course which I originally felt was rather pricey, having spoken to trainers who have attended cheaper courses with other training bodies, I now have no doubt that I have had much better value for money. I feel confident that this day has put me in an excellent position & frame of mind to continue the learning process to improve & enhance my skills & career. Thank you.

Michelle Conquest

The tutors were friendly and supportive and there was plenty of peer support as well. The micro-teach and observation could have been more worrying, but the peer support was apparent and everyone was willing each other to do well.

Some good ideas for dealing with behaviours, it gave a range of ways of dealing with things which gives the trainer a few things to suggest to clients when the “obvious” ones do not seem to work.

Dr. Carol Hayes

All in all, the course day was perfect; I enjoyed myself very much, especially while discussing different approaches and theories with my peers & tutors. It was great to see different point of views – also amongst the tutors on how to teach individual exercises and what experiences everyone had applying certain training methods.

I could pick up many valuable points from the tutors (which by the way seemed to have a never ending pool of knowledge & experience) about dealing with difficult clients and how important rapport and clear communication is. Another very important and good point was the overview of the different training equipment and especially the use & correct application of it.

As mentioned, all in all a fun day that made me more confident in applying my theoretical skills in a practical environment.

Pia Offord

After being on other courses I was very apprehensive about how and what I was expecting, however all my worries were surpassed with how well planned, professionally run, informative and enjoyable I found the course to be. I met people who were very like minded in regards of wanting to succeed at a high standard and seemed as impressed as I was with the overall experience.

I was very nervous at the beginning of the day not knowing what to expect this feeling quickly left me as the tutors made you feel extremely welcome and were professional but relaxed. The demonstrations were very well planned and enjoyable to watch the added humour got the point of the exercise across.

The lunch and breaks were very well timed and the choice of refreshments was very good. Overall I was extremely pleased with both the teaching and participation aspects of the course and once I have finished my module will be looking at which course to take next.

Melissa Harrop

I enjoyed meeting the other participants and hearing about their dog experiences and aspirations.

It was also good to see how the dogs interacted together when they were let loose in the paddock and understand why they were behaving in the ways that they did. Lez and Ross work well together as facilitators, with complimentary styles of working.

All tutors work impressively with their own dogs and are able to confidently and knowledgeably answer any questions that participants put to them about dog behaviour, dog handling and current legislation around dogs.

Angela Hughes

To meet the course instructors and team was just brilliant, and all of the fantastic, well behaved, dogs of the day, they all really made the day feel fun, exciting and enjoyable.

At first I had lots of nerves of how the day was going to go, but then after the initial meet I felt relaxed, and eager to learn from highly experienced people, I liked how Ross and Lez talked about they’re differences or similarities in dog training, and that as long as the right approach to training is in place; it can be moulded slightly to suit the trainer/handler.

Some books I have read in the past almost demand that training should be a certain way and no different! Clearly not true! I found the discussion on session planning and management a little short, but to get outside and Instruct, Observe, and Handle with the dogs was much more preferable!

A Truly great day and I look forward to booking my next course!

Will Sharpe