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Comments from our student’s on this course

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you for a great learning experience and making this decision the right one!! I found the day was most definitely worth all costs not only the cost of the course but the 4hr drive to get to it and the recommended hotel. It was amazing seeing your well trained dogs and watching you both with them. Wow moment for me to sum up I loved it that much I’m now booked on another 2 of your courses so see you again guys. Thank-you for the inspiration

Helen McGuirl

Vicky & Ross were both brilliant, cant thank them enough for sharing such knowledge and also for putting us at ease so beautifully. Really very very much appreciated.

Jo Langley

This module gave me the basic knowledge of what is required when training and handling different dogs and has helped me understand a bit about a dog’s body language and how they are feeling in different situations.

The day as a whole was a really relaxed fun day but I also learnt a lot. The tutors always made sure you understood the tasks and were always there to help if it wasn’t quiet going right. The practical sessions were most enjoyable and very useful to put everything we spoke about into practise. Also the different ways to get the same result was good to see and try. It shows you how not every case is the same and it’s not as easy as you would expect, there are a lot of variables to training. Really puts it into perspective. Learning about the different ways to teach a dog one command was very useful and I will most certainly keep that in mind for any future training I do.

Also some of the things that the tutors had taught their dogs I will be looking into doing with dogs in the future, things such as the “touch me” command will be invaluable when you need dogs focus to completely be on you.

Naomi Moore

I can’t recommend the CIDBT courses enough. Vicky and Ross were amazing. They have such a wealth of knowledge and are keen to share it with students. They work so well together and this comes across in the way the workshops are presented. The distance learning is great for people like myself who don’t have time to attend college full time.

Ross and Vicky make you feel so welcome and relaxed. The course is well organised and presented brilliantly. Vicky and Ross work really well together, I haven’t laughed so much in ages!

Dee Knight

Ross and Vicky explained everything in great detail and helped everyone when and where they needed it. The atmosphere in the room (and outside) was great, everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves making the learning experience more enjoyable. The workshops really complete the courses letting you gain experience through practice rather than only written. This was my second workshop and I will be back for another.

Sabina Broadhurst

Thank you for a fantastic day, enjoyed by me and my dog. I feel inspired to follow my dream and work with dogs.

Claire Phillips

The day was relaxed and very informative; it brought together all that had been learnt through the first two phases of the course. The tutors were friendly and supportive and made the day fun for all. Even if feeling nervous before starting the work shop, this soon disappeared as the atmosphere was so relaxed.

Amanda Ellis

This module motivates me to continue with my studies personally (because it helped me to know my dogs better and want to know even more) and professionally (because it introduced me to new methods that I have not considered previously). I am not an English native speaker and I found the trainers approach to the workshop very clear, easy to understand and follow.

Antonio Giacomini

I really enjoyed working with different breeds of dogs that I would not usually walk eg Rottweiler. It was great to meet you both and I look forward to the next course. I also enjoyed being at the kennel club and seeing the shows take place. Beautiful grounds. I learnt a lot about dogs body language in the observation section. Training your dog to do nothing was brilliant. The questions and answers section was useful at the end.

Sarah Stillwel

I wish every day was a workshop day!

Theo De Silva

I particularly enjoyed the breed inherited drives section in phase three where I got to research different breeds and what would be suitable for a particular scenario. I use to think with the right leadership any breed could be suitable for any situation but I have a better understanding of breed inherited drives and how some dogs can be intensely driven by them, therefore it is really important that these dog’s instincts are met and the suitability of breeds.

Overall I think the theory work was great in this module and covered a wide range of topics. I would love if the module included a practical section as I think this is the best way to learn and also build my confidence in the handling of different dogs.

I always enjoyed reading Ross’s feedback; his comments are positive where he feels necessary which is motivating. He would also give me different ideas and solutions in areas that I maybe didn’t quite fully grasp. I find getting feedback from an experienced ‘hands on’ behaviour practitioner really beneficial and I respect and take on board all the comments written.

Victoria Strickland

It was more the tutors rather than the course content that had an effect on me. Obviously it is a basic level course so I didn't feel challenged in any way but the Tutors really inspired me in many ways, including the clarity with which they handle their dogs and the level to which they were trained.

The DVD  I felt I needed to see as recently I have come across experienced trainers with a more negative view, struggling to see ways in which things can be changed, it was very moving that the tutors didn't share that pessimism. I gained a lot of self belief and confidence from this course and came away enlightened and ready to take of the world with regards to making a difference and continuing with striving to make a difference. I should also mention that the back and forth between the tutors made for enjoyable entertainment!

Hannah Greenow

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

I don’t have any dogs at present so the practical sessions were essential for me due to my lack of experience working with dogs.

Ross and Lez were both very engaging and entertaining making the whole experience enjoyable. Their knowledge in training and behaviour of dogs is first class and that was demonstrated throughout the day.

Tanya Walls

Hi Ross, I just wanted to say thank you to both you and Lez for running such a fabulous training workshop. I really enjoyed myself and feel like I learnt a great deal.

Gary Lines

With butterflies & some self doubt,

I entered the classroom.

To meet the experts from the books,

A feeling of impending doom.

I feared I knew too little,

To rub shoulders with the best.

This would surely put my nerves & knowledge,

Truly to the test.

As the day went on,

My nerves did fade.

All my fears,

To rest were laid.

The tutors made me confident,

& ready to learn more.

No longer did I want to flee,

& run back out that door.

I learned a lot,

& had fun too.

So much to learn,

So much to do.

We had lots of laughs,

We learned much more.

This job is great,

I must learn more!

To Lez & Ross,

I have to say.

Thanks so much,

& what a day!

Michelle Conquest

I really enjoyed the fact that the class made me feel really welcome right from the beginning. I was a little concerned that not being a professional in the field would mean I was a little out of my depth but I pleasantly surprised how much the modules had taught me (without me realising) and how relaxed the day was.

Selina Blanchard

I thought the whole experience was a good one. From the friendly banter and the relaxed atmosphere to the practical element of dog handling outside I was very impressed.

When asked some direct questions Ross and Less were informative and not opinionated which I found helpful. Even to the point where Ross gave me some added information to help me with a point that had been bothering me for some time. You seem to have the right balance there so keep doing what you are doing, for me it works.

Thank you.

Gary Mulvaney

The workshop has been a very beneficial experience and has provided me with an insight into ways that I can implement changes in my own situation. The tutors were all very helpful and provided a range of knowledge from different backgrounds.

It was very useful that we were able to practise the taught skills with the tutors present to advise of where our technique can be improved. I was unable to take my own dog for personal reasons but had I been able to, I think this would have been much more beneficial. Although all the dogs provided were friendly and very obedient, I think I would have felt more relaxed and at ease.

The course/workshop has definitely been value for money and I would recommend this course to anyone like me, who needs the basic knowledge and confidence when handling their own dogs.

Emma-Jade Livingstone