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This course provides practical information on some of the most popular, yet frequently misunderstood, companion pets. Small animals are often the first to be kept by children and a successful experience can lead to a life long interest in keeping pets.

Many of the most commonly available and popular rodents kept by young family members are taken for granted until health and husbandry issues develop. Keeping and maintaining the most popular small pets including Rabbits, Guinea pigs Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice and Rats and Ferrets are discussed in detail alongside core behaviour, heath and husbandry.

The subjects covered by this distance learning course will offer those in the pet care industry and owners practical information of small animal practitioner knowledge and skills.

PBC 426 Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Rodent and small pet Care

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PBC 426

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Distance Learning


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Max six months

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David Sands



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