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Your Career and choosing the right course

A foundation course is a general introduction to study which is the CIDBT 4110 Understanding Canine Care & Behaviour, it enhances career prospects or is a sound platform for further study. Stretch your mind – fire your imagination. The options are yours and you can easily change direction during your studies.

The Canine Awards

Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology

80 credits plus a work based learning Professional Practice Profile (PPP)

Advanced Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology 120 credits plus a work based learning PPP

Professional Practice in Canine Instruction and Training

60 credits plus a work based learning PPP

The Feline Awards

Professional Practice in Feline Behaviour and Psychology

80 credits plus a work based learning PPP

Advanced Professional Practice in Feline Behaviour and Psychology

120 credits plus a work based learning PPP

All the above are certified externally for the CIDBT and enable you to work in the profession at a high level of practical and theoretical level. You may also be eligible to to join Britain's top organisations as a member of:

The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association of Great Britain

The Guild of Dog Trainers

Dog Safety Executive (Canine Behaviour Section membership)

Check their web sites for entry levels which may change.

All Cambridge Institute modules are prefixed with the letters CIDBT.

Want to get a qualification that will help you develop or change your career? Learn a dog-related subject in depth? Studying with the CIDBT could provide a flexible pathway to the qualifications you’re after, backed up by top-class tutors. Many courses don’t require previous qualifications and with distance learning you can study where and when you please. Learning with the CIDBT is an exceptional learning experience.

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We have many courses which offer various levels of study. Specially designed introductory courses can form the foundation on which to gradually build towards a university-level qualification, a degree or beyond. All CIDBT courses are approved by the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council of Great Britain. It’s the most flexible programme of canine study in the UK, letting you build a qualification that’s unique for you. If you prefer, you can enrol on an individual course of your choice without committing to further, long-term study.

Getting started

The hardest part! Choosing a subject of real interest is essential to ensure that learning is enjoyable, not a drudge. Starting at foundation or introductory level is suggested for those who have not studied for a while or who may be dubious about launching into a higher level of education than they feel comfortable with. Students with the CIDBT are never alone and can rely on the support of tutors who are experts in their fields.

Get credit for previous study

Any previous higher education study qualifications could count towards your degree award. Through credit transfer you could reduce the number of modules you’ll need to study and enable you to complete your degree in a shorter time. Financially, it’s a saving in terms of the cost, too.

CIDBT qualifications – Cert HE Degree or PETbc qualification study – it’s your choice

Pet Education and Training Behaviour Council Certificates

Professional Canine Instructor Advanced Certificate

Certificate in Pet Home Sitting and Dog Walking

Professional Rescue Centre Management Skills

Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills

Certificate in Veterinary Practice Management Skills

Certificate in Feline Practitioner Skills

Certificate in Canine Criminal Law

Career relevance

The flexibility of CIDBT courses makes them ideal to enable you to pursue your chosen career pathway. Develop different perspectives on training, behaviour or running your own dog-related business. Learning key skills that help solve problems, improve communication, adaptability and flexibility, will make you stand out amongst other applicants for jobs within the world of dogs.

More information on Careers can be found at the link below.

Careers Information

How To Choose A Course