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How feline qualifications work in brief

It is possible to achieve a PETbc Diploma by taking a combination of CIDBT modules and a single Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council Work Based Learning PPP course. There are to levels PETbc 105 and PETbc 106.

Participants who successfully complete the CIDBT feline behaviour modules (courses) and who want to progress to a work based higher education qualification at Diploma level are eligible to apply to the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council and following further assessment may be granted advanced standing based upon their learning achievement from work at the Cambridge Institute and and learning from their practical experience which is essential before enrolling on the PETbc Diplomas. The Diploma prepares you to work in the feline behaviour industry.

The PETbc module is a top up work based learning module which also validates your practice experience to-date. If you have no experience then its best to start with a CIDBT Feline Certificate Click Here for more information.

A candidate with some practical experience may commence with the Understanding Care & Behaviour Module, after which we would review their progress and to make sure they are learning appropriately. The amount of CIDBT modules we recommend you to complete is dependant on your field experience and feline skills the Feline Diploma you wish to undertake with the PETbc, there are two levels:

PETbc 105

Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

PETbc 106

Advanced Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

Total modules to be completed  are five, (average hours of all modules combined is 1000 hours), study theory and practice based combined.

All candidates considering enrolling on the PETbc Diploma programme may discuss with our CIDBT programme advisers the recommended study pathway for what they wish to achieve.

The CIDBT feline modules listed below comprise an example of a programme but you may be able to choose from a selection of optional module combinations. There will be plenty of time to discuss these with tutors and staff as you progress.

Example of PETbc 106 PPP Advanced Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

CFBA 4117 Feline Studies Foundation Module

CFBA 4118 Understanding Cat Behaviour

CFBA 4121 Origins of the Cat & it's Breeds

CFBA 4122 Feral Cats, Cat Welfare & Management Studies


PETbc 105 Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma

The usual process for any student is to apply by resume to the PETbc direct and be guided through Review of Learning and Professional Development, which is a part of the PPP module. A resume is mandatory before they decide whether to accept you for their Diploma programme.

Please note: the PETbc will discuss the Diploma enrolment once you have completed the CIDBT modules.


Feline Behaviour and Psychology Diploma with CIDBT and PETbc