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Distance learning

Also known as correspondence study, home study, independent study, is any non-traditional educational process which exists outside a classroom setting. Courses are taken by students in their own homes using a variety of means, from traditional pen and paper correspondence, to lectures delivered by videos or by computer.

The CIDBT is a front-runner in providing affordable, high quality education courses in a vast range of canine and pet subjects.

Like all university and college courses/modules you will be required to purchase books & DVDs in addition to the course/module fee. The average course materiel cost is about £45.00 but do note that as you enter other modules the costs may drop as you will have some of the products from previous modules in your possession. The CIDBT also sell their DVDs at a much reduced rate to their students in most cases. No other organisation in dog behaviour in Britain specifically produces DVDs for education in a Degree qualification.

Our training courses are available to people from all backgrounds, from beginner to advanced levels. We aim to provide our students with the necessary skills and qualifications that will make a difference to their knowledge and career.

Pet courses available from basics to advanced level

No previous knowledge or experience required for CIDBT certified courses

Prior knowledge or experience is required for some Middlesex University accredited courses

Flexible distance learning at a pace that suits you

Full support from expert tutors in the subjects

Achieve greater job satisfaction

Recognised qualifications in a variety of education levels and disciplines

Open doors to new career opportunities

Distance Learning and Workshop

Depending on the educational module you study, the medium of the distance learning will change. It is important to look at the academics of the programme as well as the workshops. You cannot qualify on theory ALONE. Your future clients expect you to have capable and practical experience - which we teach. The medium will then depend on all factors involved and may be adjusted for individual requirements.

All CIDBT courses and materials are sent by e-mail in word documents and or PDFs. This is the most sensible and environmentally conscious way of reducing paper use and course costs. Returned work should be in a Word type file that can be opened/viewed and marked by your tutor.

If you wish to have a course sent by post this may incur a special additional charge though in some circumstances. (i.e. if you don't have access to a computer) this may not be applied. You must make the postal request when the tutor FIRST contacts you by e- mail at the course beginning indicated by the tutor's first welcome e-mail to you.

What are Distance Learning and Workshops Modules