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Colin Tennant has trained dogs and developed methods to improve their behaviour for 30 years. He has trained in Law, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and the Police Dog Section. He has also competed successfully in working trials and obedience to the highest levels in the UK.

He set up the Canine & Feline Behaviour Centre in Hertfordshire & London, where he has gained much experience with dogs and cats, advising on a diverse range of behavioural problems and showing owners how to gain control. He is also Britain's leading media expert in dog and general pet care and behaviour and regularly appears in BBC and ITV programmes such as BBC Kilroy, BBC Value for Money, BBC 4X4, and ITV News.

Colin is also a successful pet film director, producer and broadcaster for video and BBC TV. He also is an author of the new definitive book on dog behaviour: Breaking Bad Habits in Dogs. Also 21 Days To Train Your Dog and Dog Training & Behaviour published in 14 languages and the first in Chinese.

Chairman of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association and consultant to the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training.

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