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If you are interested in cats, horses or small animal care or general wildlife, these courses are a must. Written by some of Britain’s top experts, they meet the same high standards as the accredited courses and, therefore, we offer a certificate upon completion. We have our new Bach Flower Remedies course for those interested in holistic medicine for their pets. These are all distance learning courses run to the same high standards as CIDBT programmes and delivered by experienced tutors, in many instances by the same tutors as teach on the degree accredited modules.

Felines Behaviour & Psychology Courses

These separate modules are an essential introduction as it allows an exploration of the origins of the cat family and of the domestic cat itself. It examines what is a cat, those distinct and unique features that make it recognisably feline, from finely tuned senses to incredible flexibility. To unwrap the past we now have new DNA evidence to balance with archaeology, all of which casts light on the developing and changeable relationship of cats and people. Over that same time the way we care for our cats has also changed, including how we care for them and feed them. The course investigates what is needed for good cat care.

Small Pet Care - Pet Rabbits Guinea Pigs, Rats, Gerbils Courses

Small animal care, including rabbits guinea pigs, rats, gerbils are kept by people and understanding the correct care and behaviour of these animals is what we have written in to the courses and these can be attractive for young and old students.

CIDBT Pet Courses