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This advanced module continues from the foundation course. The tutor is one of Britain’s most highly qualified counsellors who has a wealth of experience within the discipline. This course focuses on considerations relating to human attachment and relationships with pets as an owner or carer, and underlying factors which can influence and impact upon the grieving and bereavement process.

The module is designed for qualified professionals who intend to support owners and carers of pets who have experienced a pet or animal bereavement within contexts including veterinary, instructional, and voluntary or welfare, and counselling practice

Following successful completion of the course students will be confident in supporting bereaved pet owners and carers and are able to apply empathy during helping interactions which take into account:

• External and cultural responses features which may impact the process of bereavement, separation and loss, including how Individual and group projections and representations affect such responses

• Symbolic versus actual loss of pets

• How life stages may influence the presenting issues within bereavement and loss

• Assist pet owners/carers in achieving a positive resolution when encountering difficulty with autonomous or imposed decisions relating to animal euthanasia

• Support pet owners/carers in circumstances where accidental or traumatic circumstances lead to a more complex grief and bereavement process

• Assist pet owners/carers in securing a positive resolution in decision making leading to cremation, burial etc of pets, in conjunction with any resulting memorial or commemorative symbolisation which is selected by individual clients

• Communicate effective responses during helping interactions and assist pet owners/carers by having a ‘tool bag’ of suggestions for activities for securing resolution of grief

• Demonstrate reflection upon variations within both professional and voluntary roles and identify how this may influence the potential to assist pet owners/carers in their grief and bereavement

• Consider individual and organisational responsibilities when initially responding Subsequently supporting grieving and bereaved pet owners/carers

Module Contents

Sociological views of attachment and emotional bonds with animals and the relationship to pet bereavement within such a framework - (including cultural variations)

Human and animal relationships

Personal and group representations which impact upon relationships experienced with pets

The relevance of symbolic versus actual loss within pet bereavement

Understanding emotional responses and reactions to Preparing for the loss of a pet/canine/feline bereavement

Anticipated Loss (Supporting a pet owner/carer within this process)

Unexpected Loss: i.e. accidental death or 'lost' pets

The impact of age and life stages when losing a pet

Loss caused by accidental or traumatic circumstances

Preparation for cremation or burial of the pet following bereavement (including supporting pet owners/carers in the absence of pet remains, or in circumstances of a ‘lost pet')

Assisting the bereaved with personal decision making and preferences following cremation or burial

Support networks available to bereaved pet owners/carers

Memorial services and ongoing representation of deceased pets

List of does and don'ts when supporting a bereaved pet owner/carer

Resources and practical tasks which can assist the bereaved: This will include identified benefits of compiling photo albums, writing pet autobiographies, Pet memoriam etc (Web based or alternatives)

The final phase encourages course delegates to consider the apparent variations in professional roles which influence the responsibilities and resulting responses to the bereaved pet owner/carer, in conjunction with their specific role and relationship to the bereaved pet owner/care. This phase provides a platform for delegates to gain a broad perspective of the potential impact of such factors, whilst also increasing insight to any apparent dynamics which may become evident during the bereavement process.

The inclusion of simulated pet bereavement role plays activities with the course tutor offer the opportunity to practice the skills and understanding gained from the course, receiving feedback to enhance understanding and the application of these skills.

CIDBT 5107 Advanced Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills

About This Module

Module Number

CIDBT 5107

PETbc Approved


Distance Learning


Workshop Based & Dates


Certificate on Completion


Module Duration

Max six months

Tutored by

Diane Kunas



Full and instalment payment options available

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CIDBT 5107 Advanced Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills