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In this module you will learn what a leading practitioner regards as crucial to the successful running of a kennel. People who opt for a lifestyle business can walk right into the problem of thinking that their love of their subject is all they need. This is the same for those wishing to work in this field. You have to be great at running a business, and you have to be great at working on the factory floor, as it were. Scrubbing kennels, grooming cats, marketing, dealing with clients and keeping the books are all as important as each other. Above all, however, is the business of establishing trust and a reputation for care and competence whilst providing a home for other people's loved pets.

Your course will comprise three phases covering the key areas that you will need to be familiar with in order to be successful in this activity, which requires a good understanding of caring for clients' pets and basic business practice.

Phase One

Introduction to Kennel Management

Day care

Canine habituation procedure

The owners mind set and their expectations - reasonable risks explained

Introduction to the species, a brief development and history

A canine behaviour perspective on kennel habituation of the dog's mind

The difficult, aggressive or surprise dog behaviour in kennels

Phase two

Kennel specialisation of dog breeds sizes

Quarantine sections

First aid station and facilities, veterinary inspection room

Kennel location and business opportunities are specific to and area and parts of the country

Grooming - breed specific requirements, are some breeds impractical to house?

Bathing, clipping and trimming services

Nutrition / Canine Health

Some dogs psychologically cannot adapt to kennel life without severe anxiety

Dog Law

Local council licensing laws

Collection and delivery services

Documentation, forms, contracts and brochures

Phase 3

IT Systems for effective and time-saving management

Instant access to files is a must for communication, speed and veterinary work

Enriching the Kennel or Cattery environment

Canine or Feline Mind games, occupation, time, personal interaction

Can you mix dogs; should you mix dogs, play times

General Feline Care in a Cattery

Cattery construction, location do dogs and cats mix

Law and a Cattery

Cats in boarding:

General welfare, diet, exercise and grooming

Basic feline psychology, Safety First, Cats like a safe distance from acute noise

Marketing a cattery

CIDBT 4120 Kennel Management, Care & Business Skills

About This module

Module Number

CIDBT 4120

PETbc Approved


Distance Learning


Workshop Based & Dates


Certificate on Completion


Module Duration

Max six months

Tutored by

Vicky Lawes



Full and instalment payment options available

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CIDBT 4120 Kennel Management, Care & Business Skills