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In recent years no one with an interest in dogs can fail to have noticed, and been moved by, national publicity highlighting cases of neglect, abandonment and cruelty. Despite our reputation as animal lovers, borne out by the millions of families that offer safe, secure homes for their pets, rescue organisations are now facing an unprecedented demand on their services.

Why has the situation become so bad and what can be done to help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the canine casualties of our throwaway society? ‘The Rescue Dog Mind, Behaviour and Care Management’ course covers all aspects of the rescue and re-homing process. Course provider Sara Muncke has over thirty five years of experience of working with dogs in rescue and through a series of six modules invites the student to move beyond a love of dogs towards a practically-rooted understanding of what it takes to assess, support and re-home unwanted and abandoned dogs successfully.

‘The Rescue Dog’ content begins with an investigation of the need for rescue and re-homing including: the impact of owner choices on their dogs, family dynamics, socio-economic factors, breed related characteristics, common canine behaviours and intake management. The student progresses to the study of the psychology of the rescue dog, the care of the dogs in kennels including their general welfare and diet, common medical conditions and veterinary intervention, infection control, stress management and kennel enhancement, assessment, socialisation and training. The course also covers record keeping, re-homing procedures and post homing support, assisting the public, risk management and the legal requirements associated with re-homing.

The Rescue Dog’ course will not only support the day-to-day work of activities of staff and volunteers already working in rescue organisations but also extend the experience and expertise of students looking to develop their interest in helping dogs in a more professional manner. The required reading list is deliberately small as practical experience of dogs in some capacity and a willingness to learn are the main course requirements.

CIDBT 4115 The Rescue Dog Mind, Behaviour and Care Management

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CIDBT 4115

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Max six months

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Sarah Muncke



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CIDBT 4115 The Rescue Dog Mind, Behaviour and Care Management