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The module is designed to enable you to study, research, and learn, having a better understanding about the current legislation relevant to basic dog law, dog ownership and the responsibilities of having ownership regarding the legislation, in particular, The Dangerous Dogs act 1991 (as amended 1997), and the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Other relevant legislation connected to dogs and the advice that you may have to impart to owners, to help them better understand their responsibilities’ of dog ownership. Successful students will build a good understanding of Basic dog legislation.

Module aims

This module will enable you to identify relevant legislation concerning dogs, understand this legislation and impart this legislation to owners when dealing with dogs or owners that may have some dog issues, behavioural problems, displayed aggression to other dogs, animals, and humans. By understanding the legislation, and whom the law applies to and the consequences of breaking the law.

The module is delivered in three phases over the Internet.

The syllabus content for this module:

CIDBT 4107 Dogs and the Law

About This Module

Module Number

CIDBT 4107

PETbc Approved


Distance Learning


Workshop Based & Dates


Certificate on Completion


Module Duration

Max six months

Tutored by

Colin Spender



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CIDBT 4107 Dogs and the Law