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Working as a frontline dog behaviourist or dog trainer, aggression towards other dogs and dog aggression to people are without doubt the most common problems presented.

Dog Aggression on the Family

As with all canine behavioural problems, there can be untold impact on family life, as only someone who has experienced such issues will fully understand. Some people successfully resolve dog aggression issues, some learn to manage it, some live with it, others hand their dog into the local dog rescue centre or worse.

Solving Dog Aggression

Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the vast majority of dogs who display aggression can be reformed, sometimes to perfection, sometimes to satisfaction and sometimes, as the least favourable result they are successfully managed.

Dog Aggression and Natural Uses

Dog aggression (barking, growling, biting et al) is a normal part of the canine language. Dogs use vocalised and ritual displays/threats/communication within their family group to maintain order.

Dog Aggression to People

During this course we look at aggression towards other dogs and dog aggression towards people in depth. Looking at real life case-studies and building a timeline of events to establish types of aggression, causes of dog aggression and most critically how to reform aggression in domestic dogs.

Dog Aggression Theory Versus Reality

This module covers, the basic principles and causes along with compounding factors of dog on dog and dog on person aggression and looks at the necessary, safe testing of an aggressive dog and it's behaviour. The use of other dogs (stooge dogs) and trained helpers is discussed and explored.

As with all CIDBT modules, the focus is on real-life, workable and practical solutions for the reformation of aggression in domestic dogs.

Critically important is the ‘other end of the lead’ – looking at owner views and abilities along with lifestyle and environment. Exploring the compounding factors, events and life stages along with the moral, social and legal impact of dog aggression to people and dog aggression to dogs.

UK Dog Law is covered in brief during this module in regard to aggression in public places and within the home.

This module is a prelude to CIDBT 5002 Dog on Dog Aggression and CIDBT 5003 Dog on Person Aggression.

CIDBT 4103 Understanding Canine Aggression

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CIDBT 4103

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Max six months

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Sue Williams

Ross McCarthy



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CIDBT 4103 Understanding Canine Aggression