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Comments from our student's on this module

Once again the course has been great and has been a real learning experience. It has been very helpful in drawing attention to a wide variety of common behaviour problems in dogs and has pushed me to discover valuable research in this field.

I have enjoyed writing up case studies which have been a great way of structuring information. At the beginning of this module my reports were extremely long and factual – not something I would give a client but very advantageous in getting to grips with the detail. However, at this stage I can now benefit from writing shortened, client-focused reports having the confidence to know that my knowledge is well researched and effective.

Ross has been a great mentor and course tutor. I hope that as I progress in my career that he will be available to guide and instruct me in difficult cases as I highly value his opinion and experience.

I’m looking forward to continuing my professional development by gaining further knowledge in the Advanced Common Behaviour Problems module and very much appreciate being able to participate in this institution.

Kathryn McRobb