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Comments from our student's on this module

Having previously completed the Basic Handling & Training course with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training and learning so much from it in regards to theory and methods, I didn’t think twice about enrolling onto the Common Canine Behavioural Problems course, and was not disappointed.

Ruth Owen, who is a previous employer and good friend of mine, first influenced me to pursue education as to formalize my skills and fine tune what I had already learnt from my hands on work in rescue kennels, and I am very pleased that she recommended you at the CIDBT. I have found the course to be both inspiring and informative, and Ross as a lecturer to be very encouraging, honest and fair. I have learnt a lot from each individual module, and specifically enjoyed learning about breed specific behaviour as I feel that this is such an important factor in training and behaviour.

I have previously worked in a public facing role at Bristol Dogs Home, by meeting with owners and matching potential dogs up to their set ups as home, so already had a fair understanding of the public and general dog owners, though this course allowed me to see the relationship that a behavioural practitioner has with both the dog in question and their owner, and how much of a relationship is required to be built to gain the trust and confidence from the client in hand.

The course has also provided me with the information to enable me to start to build on my own behavioural report template, and form my own basis and guidelines for leadership from owner to dog.

Rachel Rule