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Comments from our student's on this module

I found the tutors very encouraging & helpful. The fact that they were more than happy to advise on problems & share ideas was so good to see. Having done several visits whilst on the course & learning my trade, it surprised me to see how many instructors get very protective over their ideas that work the best. Having true professionals sharing their methods was not only helpful but a privilege.

The atmosphere that the tutors created had even the most nervous and shy of the group willingly participating in group discussions. Having been very nervous prior to the work shop I must say that the encouraging atmosphere has left me looking forward to the next one.

There were so many tips & ideas to help us to become better at our trade. We looked at things from different perspectives and took into account differing abilities & learning speeds which makes you think things through more thoroughly long after the day.

Many of the useful tips and new ideas have given me lots of new tools to use with the dogs and owners especially the rescue dogs and those that find it more difficult to learn. Also I came out from the day positively brimming with confidence that has definitely transferred to my teaching. As well as this, taking one of my dogs on the day made me feel very nervous, I chose to take my young rescue Rottweiler as I felt the experience would be good for her. I worried that if she made mistakes that I would be judged poorly. I need not have worried. The experience of taking her was actually good for both of us.

Although I’m sure she must have read my nerves they soon faded thanks to the lovely relaxed & encouraging atmosphere that was so positively encouraged on the day by the fantastic tutors. I do however feel that having my own dog there actually made the practical parts of the day easier for me.

I have learned at many points on this course & especially on the day that the more we learn the more we realise we still have to learn from every case we deal with and that every trainer has new ideas & interpretations for us to learn from. Whether they are positive & useful or negative & to be avoided they are all part of the learning process. I came out of the day feeling like a sponge for knowledge. Eager to absorb more knowledge & looking forward to choosing and working on the next module adamant that the next module that I tackle will also have a workshop.

Although I have had to work & save hard to afford this course which I originally felt was rather pricey, having spoken to trainers who have attended cheaper courses with other training bodies, I now have no doubt that I have had much better value for money. I feel confident that this day has put me in an excellent position & frame of mind to continue the learning process to improve & enhance my skills & career. Thank you.

Michelle Conquest