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Comments from our student's on this module

After being on other courses I was very apprehensive about how and what I was expecting, however all my worries were surpassed with how well planned, professionally run, informative and enjoyable I found the course to be. I met people who were very like minded in regards of wanting to succeed at a high standard and seemed as impressed as I was with the overall experience.

I was very nervous at the beginning of the day not knowing what to expect this feeling quickly left me as the tutors made you feel extremely welcome and were professional but relaxed. The demonstrations were very well planned and enjoyable to watch the added humour got the point of the exercise across.

The lunch and breaks were very well timed and the choice of refreshments was very good. Overall I was extremely pleased with both the teaching and participation aspects of the course and once I have finished my module will be looking at which course to take next.

Melissa Harrop