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Comments from our student's on this module

To meet the course instructors and team was just brilliant, and all of the fantastic, well behaved, dogs of the day, they all really made the day feel fun, exciting and enjoyable.

At first I had lots of nerves of how the day was going to go, but then after the initial meet I felt relaxed, and eager to learn from highly experienced people, I liked how Ross and Lez talked about they’re differences or similarities in dog training, and that as long as the right approach to training is in place; it can be moulded slightly to suit the trainer/handler.

Some books I have read in the past almost demand that training should be a certain way and no different! Clearly not true! I found the discussion on session planning and management a little short, but to get outside and Instruct, Observe, and Handle with the dogs was much more preferable!

A Truly great day and I look forward to booking my next course!

Many Thanks - Will Sharpe