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Comments from our student's on this module

"Overall I really enjoyed this module... I enjoyed the layout of the module, in that, I liked the fact that we had to do some investigation, studying and then attend the workshop rather than the other way around.

The only thing I would do differently if I did this module again was to not get so worked up and nervous about the workshop. I found it to be a most enjoyable day, it was informative, fun, enlightening and the content was superbly put together which made the day easy listening and the work flowed. Even the dreaded ‘practical teaching’ exercises were fine, even pleasurable. I felt that the workshop was a fabulous compliment to the home based learning part of the module, it broke the module up well and gave it some real substance, gave me something really tangible to look forward to during the first stage.

Since beginning this module, I have started running my own dog training classes, I run 3 classes a week covering puppy and adult dog training. This module has given me the confidence to run these classes as it has filled in the ‘gaps’ that I had in my knowledge.

During this module I have studied many dogs, and their owners, learnt many new facts about training issues and their behavioural connections and met some fantastic people, who I hope, I can now call friends and I very much look forward to my continuing studies."