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Comments from our student's on this module

The workshop was great, I enjoyed meeting the rest of the class, but it was reassuring how well the tutors knew their stuff.  

When I started training I relied on staff with professional dog training backgrounds but once I wanted to learn more it became difficult, certain organisations wanted me to sign contracts that I wouldn’t do various things before I even knew what they were (that didn’t seem right to me), others said there is only one way, our way and it is right, but I already knew there were many ways to get things done.  I wanted a course that gave me all the tools and let me choose the best method for me and the people and dogs I was instructing.  I also wanted a validated course at a higher level than most could offer.  I found that with CIDBT, down to earth tutors who can teach, know and understand dogs, and who I feel confident about (there are very few I can say that about.  They make sense of a very confused situation at large (dog training at the moment).

I know I’ll do more of the CIDBT courses.

Jackie Fraser