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Comments from our student's on this module

I particularly enjoyed the breed inherited drives section in phase three where I got to research different breeds and what would be suitable for a particular scenario. I use to think with the right leadership any breed could be suitable for any situation but I have a better understanding of breed inherited drives and how some dogs can be intensely driven by them, therefore it is really important that these dog’s instincts are met and the suitability of breeds.

Overall I think the theory work was great in this module and covered a wide range of topics. I would love if the module included a practical section as I think this is the best way to learn and also build my confidence in the handling of different dogs.

I always enjoyed reading Ross’s feedback; his comments are positive where he feels necessary which is motivating. He would also give me different ideas and solutions in areas that I maybe didn’t quite fully grasp. I find getting feedback from an experienced ‘hands on’ behaviour practitioner really beneficial and I respect and take on board all the comments written.

Victoria Strickland