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Comments from our student's on this module

With butterflies & some self doubt,

I entered the classroom.

To meet the experts from the books,

A feeling of impending doom.

I feared I knew too little,

To rub shoulders with the best.

This would surely put my nerves & knowledge,

Truly to the test.

As the day went on,

My nerves did fade.

All my fears,

To rest were laid.

The tutors made me confident,

& ready to learn more.

No longer did I want to flee,

& run back out that door.

I learned a lot,

& had fun too.

So much to learn,

So much to do.

We had lots of laughs,

We learned much more.

This job is great,

I must learn more!

To Lez & Ross,

I have to say.

Thanks so much,

& what a day!

Michelle Conquest