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Certificate as a Professional Canine Instructor is our most popular training qualification for:

Dog Training Clubs and schools

Professional dog trainers

Puppy school trainers

This certificate is for all instructors within the obedience disciplines training puppies or adult dogs.

You can study around your current work schedule making these courses flexible.

Full details of the extent to which prior experience may entitle you to forego the CIDBT 4004 Basic Dog Handling and Training Skills module are explained here.

CIDBT 4004 Basic Dog Handling and Training Skills

CIDBT 4103 Understanding Canine Aggression

CIDBT 4005 Professional Instructor Skills & Management

The CIDBT certificate described on this page is recognised by the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council of Great Britain.

Certification in Canine Professional Instruction


In order to obtain the fifty credits and gain the Certificate in Professional Canine Instructor you need to complete the three modules shown on this page.

Guild Of Dog Trainers

Once you have gained this certificate you are eligible to join the Guild Of Dog Trainers as a Master Trainer.

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Forego CIDBT 4004 Post CIDBT