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The tutor for the first two courses shown below is one of Britain's most highly qualified counsellors, having a wealth of experience in the discipline.

This programme is designed for professionals who support owners and carers of pets experiencing a pet or animal bereavement. This will include occupations such as veterinary, instructional, policing, and voluntary or welfare, and general counselling practice sectors. There is both a practical and theoretical element which will be attractive to those who wish to develop their understanding of supporting others in times of pet loss.

The advanced module continues from the introductory one. This focuses on considerations relating to human attachment and relationships with pets as an owner or carer, and underlying factors which can influence and impact upon the grieving and bereavement process.

CIDBT 4111 Introductory Pet Bereavement Counselling

CIDBT 5107 Adv' Pet Bereavement Counselling

The CIDBT certificate described on this page is recognised by the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council of Great Britain.


In order to obtain the forty credits and gain the Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills you need to complete the two modules shown on this page.

Once a full certificate of academic study is completed you can use the nominatives after your name of CIDBT Cert


Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills