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As well as learning the theory of dog behaviour, it is essential to have practical experience of working with different breeds. This could come from paid work, such as dog training or handling, or voluntary experience, for example in a kennels or with an dog welfare organisation. Small rescue organisations are best suited for gaining hands on experience and skills.

Complete the CIDBT4102 'Common Canine Behaviour Problems' together with a minimum of two of the remaining listed modules below for this certificate:

CIDBT 4102 Common Canine Behaviour Problems

CIDBT 5001 Advanced Common Canine Behaviour Problems

CIDBT 5002 Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression

You can apply to replace a recommended module above with another of your choice as long s they are at level 4 and the registrar approves this via an email.

This certificate is approximately 640 hours combined learning of theory and practice and is the very first level of qualification in learning about dog behaviour and the common problems they may exhibit including aggression to people and or dogs.

Skills and knowledge gained via the three modules combined:

More detailed information of content is within each module page on this web site.

Upon completion of each module you will receive a credit and can apply to us for the full three modules certificate Certificate in Canine Practitioner Skills

The CIDBT certificate described on this page is recognised by the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council of Great Britain.


Certificate in Canine Practitioner Skills

Once a full certificate of academic study is completed you can use the nominatives after your name of CIDBT Cert