!New Course! Dog Breed Specific Behaviour: A Psychological Insight

This is an essential, pro-active course for not only canine practitioners and those passionate about breeds and breed behaviour, but those inspired to address the increasing concerns and threats to our breed’s well-being and future. Challenges include how breeding practices can be improved through requirements, penalties, incentives and/or motivations, and how behavioural tendencies with strong genetic potential (such as aggression) can be altered through experience and early learning … Problem-solving critical questions in a critical time … Click the image below to find out more.

New Course!!

Smart Puppy Training:  The Essential Guide to making puppy rearing simple

We are happy to announce that a new, dedicated, puppy training course has now been added to our collection. This course delivers a fundamental insight into all things puppy from choosing a breed, sourcing a breeder, selecting the right puppy, right through to the core training your puppy requires. This course will guide you from choosing your puppy at five weeks old to the adolescent dog. It covers a whole array of puppy topics that aim to help, not only the puppy owner but the professional who wishes to give best advice, in obtaining the right dog and then developing that dog into the perfect companion. Click the image below to find out more.