CIDBT 4108 The Complete Canine

Essential Knowledge of the physical dog – for Behaviourists and Trainers

This course recognise’s that there is so much more to the dog than just what may be observed on the outside. Whether you are a dog owner with a passion for learning or a canine professional, the course is designed to provide a detailed physical study of canine anatomy and physiology, an essential consideration for building a clear picture of the dog as a whole.

Ever wondered what’s going on inside, how normal body functions affect the behaviour responses of the dog, and what possibilities there are for behaviour to be affected when body systems go wrong? The behaviour of the dog is affected by numerous factors including interactions between body systems, nutrition, environmental circumstances, genetics and relationships. This is the course to answer all complex questions pertaining to the physical structure and activity of the canine form.

It all starts with one little cell! The course begins by visiting molecular physiology (the cell) and moves on to a detailed understanding of the ‘working canine body’, regulation and control of all processes and complex interactions between body systems. You are provided a depth of knowledge that will enhance your understanding of canine behaviour and help you work more efficiently with your own dog and/or develop successful training and behaviour programs for clients.

Particular attention is given to systemic anatomy – providing core knowledge on the following body systems:

  • Integumentary
  • Muscular-Skeletal
  • Lymphatic
  • Respiratory
  • Digestive
  • Nervous
  • Endocrine
  • Cardiovascular
  • Uro-genital

Understanding how these organs and systems interact and affect the behaviour of the dog, particularly when anomalies arise will provide students with a core depth of clinical knowledge to support an evaluation. Guidance is given on recognising important medical indicators for serious illness or disease.

In addition, consideration is given to the benefits and pitfalls of physical training aids. The pet dog market is flooded with a variety of physical tools to manipulate and control the dogs behaviour. Knowing the mental and physical effects these products will have on a dog, when in use, provides clarification on when they are effective and when they may be detrimental.

Finally, the course takes a look at dog sports as a whole. From basic obedience, agility, working trials and fly-ball to security and scent detection work. Do these sports have a negative or positive impact on the dog’s physical form and overall function? We will consider factors relevant to each discipline.

Tutor for this Course

Jo Croft MA

This course costs £295. Payment can be made with PayPal (you do not need to be a member). You can pay direct to our bank, our banking details will be shown at the checkout, they will also be emailed to you if you choose this option. You can also pay by cheque, again details are shown at the checkout and emailed to you.

The next available workshop dates for this course will be Sunday 22nd September 2019 at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ

Your tutor for this course will be Jo Croft

This is a distance learning and workshop course consisting of three phases, you will need to submit work online and will be expected to attend the one day workshop at the Kennel Club Education centre in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

This course needs to be completed within six months. Extensions can be granted under exceptional circumstances.

On passing this course you will be mailed a physical certificate of pass. Please ensure we have your correct postal address.

This course is approved by the PETbc